SnipNotes saves your notes automatically during editing and usually transfers them to your other devices within seconds. If this automatic synchronization does not work properly, you can usually fix the issue by following these steps.

You should perform each step first on the device which has all notes locally available. If this doesn’t help, repeat the step on your other devices as well.


✅ Check Your Settings

First, please make sure that iCloud is correctly configured on your devices:

📱 iOS

Open the system settings of your device and tap on your name at the top. Below your name appears your email address, which is used to sign into iCloud. This address must be identical on all your devices.

Click on one of the following blocks depending on your iOS version:

Also, verify that the "iCloud Drive" and "SnipNotes" switches are enabled in the "Mobile Data" section of the system settings.

In SnipNotes, open the list of categories and tap the cogwheel icon to reveal the settings menu. Verify that the option “Enable iCloud Synchronization” is enabled.

💻 macOS

Click on one of the following blocks depending on your macOS version: