Importing Notes

<aside> 💡 Automatic Import from Apple Notes

Apple does not (yet) offer an interface for direct access to the pre-installed Notes app. SnipNotes has no access to this data and cannot import it automatically.


From the Share Sheet

You can use the share sheet in many other apps to quickly send text and images to SnipNotes. Tap on the “Share” button in another app and select SnipNotes from the upper row of icons. If you don’t see SnipNotes, scroll the icons to the right and tap on “More“ to add it.


From the File System

You can import plain text and markdown files as new notes into SnipNotes:

  1. Open SnipNotes and go to Settings.
  2. Open the “Export & Import” section.
  3. Tap or click on the button “Import Archive File”.
  4. Select one or multiple text files. You can also import a ZIP archive containing text files.
  5. SnipNotes will create a new category and place your notes there.

From the Clipboard

You can add the contents of your clipboard as a new note in SnipNotes. Select a text portion or an image and choose „Copy“ from the contextual menu.